the team

Restaurant Manager

Cheyenne Bowman

A Florida native, born in Lee County Cheyenne has always had a servant’s heart, gaining experience from her many kitchenette setups in the playroom to growing up and following the passion in her heart for seeing people happy. Holding her family close to her she always extends grace and diplomacy to anyone in her presence, at the age of 30 she decided to trade in her beach wave hair and sun kissed complexion to make strides in her professional and personal life as she found herself moving to Shelbyville, TN.

Director of Beverage

Akinde Olagundoye

Akinde holds legendary status in the bar world. As the VP of USBG Nashville, he has his pulse on all things wine and spirits as well as the respect of his peers. He started with Humble Baron as Bar Manager and was recently promoted to Beverage Director. He has been instrumental since our opening in making Humble Baron a cocktail destination. Make sure you say hello to him when you see him behind the bar.

Executive Chef

Jay Craddick

At the age of nine, Chef Jay Craddick burnt his first egg. It was then that he learned the importance of temperature control. Being a military brat, he and his family traveled quite a bit which exposed Chef Jay to many different types of cuisine and styles of cooking. Summers were spent at his grandmother’s house watching her cook for him and his cousins. The ability of being able to feed him and his family with ease and delight truly impressed him. As Chef Jay continued to travel, he became more fascinated with the thrill of cooking and the smiles it brought to those that indulged in his culinary creations. At the mere age of 20, Chef Jay was challenged by his father’s question, “What can you see yourself doing for the rest of your life and love it even of you don’t get paid?” His response... “Cooking!” He promptly enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu culinary school where he met a fellow student collaborator and soon started a business selling food. This would not be the only business Chef Jay started. A few years later, Chef Jay and his wife, Tameka, started Tha J Spot Mobile Kitchen & Bar, a flourishing mobile kitchen experience. Throughout the years Chef Jay Craddick has provided amazing cuisine via his mobile kitchen, as well as, private and event catering. With many projects underway, Chef Jay is preparing to become the latest Phenom in the culinary industry.

Sous Chef

Toya Young

My background in cooking, my love of food, comes from my early days of growing up with my grandmother. She showed me that our love for food is more than just that, it’s a passion. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. My mother started a catering company in Georgia in 2005, and I was a major part of that. I decided to seek out my passion and find Chefs that could help me build on my craft and passion for food. I started working at Truist Park, in the Delta Sky Club, that is where I started to prefect my craft and techniques. I developed my confidence in my cooking skills as well as myself and was later given the title of Chef. A title that I earned and am very proud of. I later decided to take my craft to Tennessee, where I currently work, Humble Baron.

Operations Manager

Christian Wawrzyniak

Christian, a first-generation American, was born in Rochester, New York, then moved to Tennessee at an early age. Cooking in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother, Christian was exposed to 200 years of international culinary traditions. This ignited his interest in exploring different flavors, cooking techniques, and the art of sharing these experiences. As of Spring 2022, Christian began working private events for Humble Baron on a temporary basis, prior to its opening. Working with passionate visionaries and world-renowned Chefs as the groundwork was being laid for The Longest Bar in the World, he knew this was the place for him! Christian made history as the first hourly employee of Humble Baron where he was quickly honored with a promotion to Operations Manager.